What Can I Say? I Have Many Offices to Write In

What Can I Say? I Have Many Offices to Write In

My wife has been getting on to me lately for bringing my work into the bedroom. It’s not an every night thing, but at least a few nights a week I am turning my laptop on, propping a few pillows up against the headboard, and typing away on my writing projects.

For me, it’s perfect because the house is quiet and sitting up in bed while typing helps me relax.

For my wife, it’s aggravating.

I can’t blame her. Having to listen to the tap, tap, tap on the keyboard when you’re trying to sleep is annoying. Not to mention, I spent a decent amount of money buying furniture for my office downstairs. My wife even prettied up the space to make it more inviting rather than looking like some boring man cave I crawl into to write my next masterpiece.

That’s just it, though. I’m a writer, and writers need a change of scenery every so often to gain a fresh perspective and keep those creative juices flowing. I like to think I have many offices at my disposal.

Some of my favorites include:
• Coffee shops
• The library
• Our backyard
• Our bedroom
• A waiting room
• Our living room
• A fast food joint
• My car

I’m sure there are more places I’m not thinking of, but you get the point. It beats sitting at the same desk every day staring out the same window searching for inspiration. And I’m not the only writer who seeks out different sanctuaries for creative comfort.

I read once that Sir Walter Scott crafted his epic poem, Marmion, on horseback. Maya Angelou was known for writing in hotel rooms.

I am no Sir Walter Scott or Maya Angelou, but I prefer unusual writing settings, too. Unfortunately for me, the bedroom may be off limits.

We hope you enjoy reading this month’s magazine. If you’ve got a story you’dlike to see, send me an email atsteve@murray-media.com.

Steve Gamel

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