The Secret to Green Grass

  • BY PJ Kratohvil
  • April 17, 2020
By PJ Kratohvil
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Bipolar weather patterns with a little rain and sinus infections in full force-SPRING IS HERE. Being one of the most transitional times of the year here in North Texas, there’s a long list of things to do if you’re trying to keep up with the property maintenance yourself. We are going to highlight some key points when it comes to your grassy areas in this article.


With our terrible North Texas soils, ensure that you aerate every third year at a minimum. Not doing so will allow the soil to get hard, cutting off the amount of nutrients and oxygen and resulting in your grass thinning and dying out. If you can’t remember or are new to the property, the quickest way to tell if it’s time to aerate is by sticking a knife down into the ground.

If it stops 1.5-2.5” down, then call your grass guy, if it goes further, then you’re probably good for another year.


A good rule of thumb is to ensure your grassy areas get on average 1 inch of water per week. Obvious water restrictions and weather conditions should be taken into account. If you have not done so, NOW is the time to get the irrigation system on and evaluated. Broken pipes, busted heads and/or clogged nozzles can all lead to under or over watering. Either direction will have a negative result on your yard space.


Another way to ensure your grass is thick and healthy this season is to establish a fertilization schedule and stick to it. Being consistent with this CAN offer immediate results BUT more often will take a few treatments before you really see improvements. Being realistic with your goals and paying more for quality products are two things to keep in mind. Typically, cheaper chemicals will not treat as well and will wear out a lot faster than a name brand product with a slower release schedule

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