Taking Action In 2019

Taking Action In 2019

Taking Action In 2019

The holiday season has passed, and as we settle into the new year we start to think about what we could better ourselves on. One of the big things that I hear everyone talking about is finances, and even though every person has a different problem with their financial standing, it all boils down to action.

Every person has a problem with this and it may not be in the financial area, but in a different area like staying on a diet or going to the gym. We all have our excuses for not fulfilling our goals, and even if they are legitimate, they are still excuses nonetheless. Wishing for a better life isn’t going to get you one. You have to be able to put it into action. In this issue, there are many different articles that can help you find a solution to your 2019 goal, like bettering your finances. You still need to put what you read into action, and that all comes down to you. If finances are your weak points you may need to have drastic rules in place to help keep you in check.

For example, my friend has a terrible weakness when it comes to impulse buying. She doesn’t even realize just how much she is spending since it’s just a little here and a little there, but the little spontaneous purchases will add up to a whole lot of problems. She needed help and telling her to just stop buying things wasn’t working. So she had to do something drastic. She gave herself a predetermined cash allowance every month to spend on those spontaneous items. If she ran out before the month ended, that was it. She wasn’t allowed to buy anything else.

It seems strange for an adult to have to put such a rule in place, but sometimes that’s what we need. When you think about what you want to change in 2019, think more about the actions that need to be taken. Learning your strategy is half the battle – the other half is taking action.

Kelly Murray
Publisher of Murray Media Group

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