Rocky Haire is the Right Person in Your Corner…Every Time

Rocky Haire is the Right Person in Your Corner…Every Time

by Steve Gamel

While looking back on his legal career, Rocky Haire pointed to one instance of gross injustice that not only pushed him into personal injury law, but helped shape how he defended those clients going forward.

The incident was quite a few years ago, but he remembers it as if it were yesterday. Haire – then a criminal defense attorney – had just been told about the sad case of a man who was struck and killed by a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer as he walked across the parking lot to the grocery store.

It was a freak accident, and a story that tugged at the Argyle resident’s heartstrings even more so when he learned the victim’s wife witnessed it unfold from their nearby vehicle.

At the wake shortly thereafter, an insurance adjustor showed up with flowers and a check for $15,000.

“But there was a $20,000 policy on the truck, so they were trying to shave $5,000 off and showed up at a time when she would be most vulnerable,” Haire said. “That really impacted me. I realized these people are bullies. Some of them are good people, but others are just evil. That pushed me more than anything.”

Haire added, “When I was in law school, if you had told me I would end up a personal injury lawyer, I would have laughed at you. I didn’t think I wanted any part of that.”

Oh how things change.

Haire eventually opened Haire Law Firm, with a focus on personal injury and a heart for people who simply need someone they can trust when life takes an unexpected – and perhaps tragic – turn.

Haire Law Firm has offices in Denton and Dallas – their Denton location is located off Teasley Ln. and I-35 – and provides skilled representation to clients and their families seeking fair compensation for injuries caused by the fault of another. Haire works with countless lawyers on each project, and has spent 18 of the last 20 years tirelessly working personal injury cases.

Examples include everything from 18 wheeler accidents and automobile accidents to hit and run cases, airplane crashes, slip and falls due to unsafe conditions, and nursing home abuse.

Because of its compassion and Rocky’s dedication to honest, Christian values, the firm is seen as the leading law firm for personal injury in North Texas.

We can’t stress enough that at the heart of that success is the belief that every client the Haire Law Firm works with deserves to be treated with respect and compassion while having someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and knows their way around a courtroom in their corner at all times.

“I always thought personal injury lawyers were cheesy, and I never wanted to be like that,” Haire said. “They get on TV and tell you how powerful they are and what a great trial lawyer they are, when in actuality, they don’t know their way around a courtroom. I’ve seen it. I’ve tried well over 100 cases and these guys have maybe done 10. Some are presenting an image that’s not accurate.”

Haire proved how different he intended to be with one of his very first clients.

A lady had been hit by a commercial truck and was paralyzed as a result of her injuries. Haire said the insurance adjustor offered the lady – who was previously making $6 an hour at her job – $100,000.

For someone who was used to making so little money, Haire couldn’t blame the victim for feeling like $100,000 was one heck of a first offer. She almost took the deal, but first ran it by Haire, he said.

“We got her over $6 million,” Haire said. “She didn’t know, and those are the things I realized. These insurance companies have all the power and it’s the little people that end up getting hurt because they haven’t read the back of the Monopoly board. They don’t know if they will be OK financially.”

He added, “I’ve always been a fan of the underdog.

To further drive that point home, here are some client testimonials on the Haire Law Firm website:

“The staff is so friendly & helpful. I really felt like they cared about me & I was not just a client or a number to them. They made me feel like family.” – C.P.

“Mr. Haire wouldn’t put up with their nonsense. Took my case to court and won big time!” – B.G.

“The other big firm I tried to hire didn’t call me back. I called Rocky and he was ON IT the same day. Then he totally won my case for me.” – G. Sparks.

While he looks imposing – and perhaps a bit cheesy – in his own TV spots, everything Haire says and does he is able to backup with action. He is also still the same Texas-bred guy who prefers to get to know his clients on a personal level while developing strong relationships.

He’s also a good family man. He and wife, Andrea, have six kids (Logan, Rodney, Harlan, Jett, Gavin and Langston), the majority of whom go to Liberty Christian School. When Rocky isn’t at work, he’s busy spending time with his family.

When Argyle Living reached out to possibly schedule an interview, the first thing he said after hearing “Mr. Haire” two or three times was, “Stop calling me Mr. Haire. Call me Rocky.”

Much of that is because of his humble beginnings. Before law school, Rocky was a door-to-door salesman in college and learned quickly that not only did he have a gift for gab, but he could do so with anyone.

“I don’t know why, but I am just as comfortable talking to the President of the United States as I am with a homeless man on the street,” Haire said with a laugh. “Some of the neighborhoods we were focusing on when I was in college were lower income neighborhoods. I talked to all of them, and I think they could tell rather quickly that I liked them and didn’t judge them.”

Haire parlayed that compassion and street smarts into a successful run through law school. He started off in criminal defense and civil litigation, and even though there wasn’t much money in it at the time, he was doing whatever work was necessary to help others – while still making enough to keep the lights on.

“I loved the idea of giving people a second chance,” he said.

But it wasn’t until personal injury came along that he truly found his professional calling. And as a result, people from all walks of life continue to trust the Haire Law Firm.

Specifically, Rocky.

“You have to attract the business because there’s not a lot of personal injury work out there,” Rocky said. “You have to work for it. But bottom line, I just want to do what’s right. My clients trust me. They know I will take care of them and they want me in their corner.”

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