Making Good Decisions in a Not-So-Good World

Making Good Decisions in a Not-So-Good World

by Susan Neuhalfen

What started as a book has now, as predicted, become a movement.

Inspired Right: Your American Opportunity is about right vs. wrong. It’s about the actions and decisions that are being taken in our world today by our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and our children. It’s a movement to bring back the basic principles and personal skills that have fallen out of our society.

“95% of our youth today are lacking personal skills,” said Brian Searcy, CEO of Main Street Pilot and Co-Author of Inspired Right. “Increasing numbers of people simply don’t know how to make good decisions anymore. Fortunately, our company offers help through new programs and materials for every learning audience.”

How did this happen? The basic structure of the family has changed over generations. With two parents working, many of the personal skills that were usually taught in the home, are simply not.
“Parents should be teaching these skills but often they outsource that responsibility to schools and other entities,” said Brian. “Some parents grew up without it themselves so they don’t know how to teach personal skills.”

Employers tell Searcy every day that they are unable to find qualified candidates with basic problem solving skills. They listen to respond. They won’t take responsibility for their actions and everything is someone else’s fault.

“It’s an epidemic in our current society,” said Mark Stratton, Director of Programming. “Somewhere along the way, parents stopped teaching their children life skills and I’m not just talking about millennials. The problem spans across four generations. There seemed to be a decline along the way of how to teach, learn and use these skills.”

Our society feeds this epidemic, where opinion becomes fact. The media feeds on this, politics thrive on it and the current culture perpetuates it. Our society resolves conflict through anger and bullying instead of simply listening to find common ground with the objective of
better outcomes.

Our schools teach the hard skills: math, science, reading, writing, SATs, Staar Tests, TASC tests, etc. According to Harvard and Stanford studies, only 15% of a person’s success is based on hard skills. 85% of success depends on personal skills, such as problem solving and personal responsibility, but how do they learn personal skills development if they are not being taught effectively?

“We are now the ‘How’,” says Mark.

The folks at Main Street Pilot have developed a number of simple and effective programs to help provide the “How,” giving anyone the ability to accelerate the development of personal skills in new and impactful ways.

Options for teaching and learning these critical skills are available as Decision Navigation™ classes and courses on line, with program content and materials available for direct use by employers to complement professional development and ethics requirements. There are also exciting programs for K-12 and higher education teaching and learning audiences.

Main Street Pilot’s approach to teaching and learning is by delivering content to audiences over an appropriate period of time. These skills cannot be developed effectively without repetition and practical use, so the content is delivered progressively, a little at a time, to promote and better understand decision making on a personal level. Programs can span 15 weeks for educators and up to 48 weeks for employers. Included along the way are many opportunities to put this knowledge to use with increasing confidence.

Main Street Pilot has also developed technology-based and micro-learning content to appeal to the learning behavior of younger learners and corporate executives alike.

“What our audiences are experiencing is a very personal approach to building confidence in making better decisions, whether learning on their own or in larger groups,” said Mark.

Main Street Pilot is already working with corporations, small businesses, colleges, public schools and churches to help their clients develop individual, positive, self-respecting personal skills that are desperately needed in our society today. Obviously, with their varied client base, each program is tailored for different conditions depending on the clients’ circumstances, but with the same basic principles.

“Everyone is experiencing these problems, whether in business or closer to home,” said Mark. “The good news is there is now a beacon of positive possibilities out there for those who want to change this epidemic.”

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