Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing

by Susan Neuhalfen

First United Mortgage’s Peggy Krueger hates debt. In fact, she thinks it’s the devil. That’s why she likes to advise her clients not only on their mortgage needs, but other ways to save their money wisely so that they may live a life without debt as soon as possible.

“Nothing else in your life is going to work out if you have money problems. That’s why I don’t want to be known as just a mortgage loan consultant,” says Krueger. “I try to help my clients understand how all of their money can work for them. It is not about how much you make, but how you use and save your money. If I can help people manage their finances, they can give back to their community.”

If her name sounds familiar it’s because she is the former Mayor of Argyle. After spending 30+ years in the area, living in the same house and putting all of her kids through Argyle ISD schools, she knows what a great community we have and wants other families to have the same great experience.

Her priority list reads God, family and community, in that order. Working in her own community puts her in the unique position to help her neighbors, but with Peggy, you may get more than you bargained for…and that’s a good thing.

“I start by listening to my client’s needs,” said Peggy. “Once I delve into their unique situation, I’m able to give them all of the information they need to make an informed decision.”

Peggy went on to talk about how she’s had clients come to her looking for a certain type of mortgage or an abnormally large loan for a home. Although it might look okay on paper, she won’t in good conscience go through with it unless it makes financial sense for the buyers. In other words, she will forego her commission just to make sure she does not put her clients in a precarious financial position.

“I see so much debt. I see credit reports all day and the student loans are brutal,” said Peggy. “I could not sleep at night if I put people into situations that aren’t good for them.”

On the other hand, it makes her feel really good when she can get them into their dream home comfortably. “Spend Life Wisely” is the First United Mortgage tag-line which is one of the reasons Peggy went to work there. They are family-owned and share the same culture and values that Peggy has. Additionally, they offer products tailor-made to the client that are fast, easy and convenient.

One of her favorite products is the one time closing mortgage loan. If someone is building a home, Peggy can help him or her get a note that encompasses the property, the construction and the mortgage – all in one loan with permanent financing. The customer may lock in on a rate before construction even begins.

“Many builders already have their own mortgage companies,” said Peggy. “I’ll honestly tell you if their deal is better. I will lose a customer before I will purposely do the wrong thing for them.”

The most incredible thing about Peggy, though, is her caring and giving spirit.

She loves to serve people and her community. One of her favorite memories as Mayor involved working with the Youth Advisory Council.

“They were there to learn government and I told them that they weren’t there to agree with me but to learn how to find the truth,” said Peggy. “It taught all of us to listen to each other. They ended up changing my mind on several things.”

She was also introduced to the Rotary Club while she was in office. She was so impressed with this group she remains a member today.

“I really love their philosophy of putting other people first,” she said. “This attitude works well in all parts of our lives, including our financials, and the right mortgage is where I can help.”

She went on to add that the Rotary Club epitomizes the philosophy she uses in life and in business.

“I love being with professional people who live by putting service above self,” she added. “It’s good way to live.”

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