Dear Annette

Dear Annette

AnnetteDoodyby Annette Doody,
Savory Bistro Owner & Wellness Coach

Dear Annette,

I keep seeing “EAT CLEAN” in magazines. What does that really mean?

Dear Reader:

Eating clean is becoming a buzz phrase. Eating clean means eating as close to nature as possible with a lot of respect for nature. In other words, if it has a bar code it might not be close to nature. If it comes in a box, it may not be close to nature. If it is made in a plant, it may not be natural. If it has been fried, it is not clean. Chances are if you receive it through your car window, it certainly is not clean. Really, can you believe people want to eat dirty? Those are obvious ways to know if a food is clean or not. But some things are a little more deceiving. Is your chicken full of hormones and chemicals? Is your milk full of growth hormone? Is your beef full of dyes, chemicals, and are the cows forced fed? Are your fruits and vegetables clean from chemicals and pesticides?

The Environmental Worker Group ( is an organization that works hard to help ensure that our food and products are safe. They also keep a count of the thousands of new chemicals and pesticides that enter our food supply every year. They are a wealth of trusted information.

I know it is more expensive to eat organic, but your health is really worth it. There are some things that are better than others if you do not buy organic. The EWG has created a list of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen. I want to share it with you. The clean fifteen are foods that tend to have less pesticides and herbicides and therefore buying organic is not as important as the dirty dozen. The dirty dozen are foods that are truly worth the extra to buy organic.

Another great source for clean product is This is a market place of healthy items at great prices delivered to your door. I find a few organic things at Costco, like organic coconut oil, but has great choices and is so convenient.

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