Custom Closets To Meet Any Need

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • December 13, 2019
By Steve Gamel

Before Jay and Lisa Hemby left their corporate jobs to go into business for themselves, they were very selective on which direction they’d go. After all, they didn’t want just any business. They wanted one that provided real value to its customers.

After about three years of searching, what they found was Closets By Design. And they were immediately hooked.

“We had looked at all types of businesses — fast-food chains, car washes, etc.,” Jay said. “We found this one, and we felt like it was a great fit. Another husband-wife team was running it, and we all had similar backgrounds. But after 19 years, they were ready to retire and be grandparents. We have literally stepped right into their shoes.

He added, “They built-up the business; we’re just trying to help it grow.”

Closets-by-Design-INTERIOR-1 Jay and Lisa officially took over for the previous owners in April, and they’re inviting everyone in Denton County to give them a call if they want an easy answer to closet clutter and to get their home totally organized! Closets By Design specializes in designing and remodeling attractive storage spaces for any area of your home that needs organizing. This includes everything from that packed closet in the master To Meet Any Need bedroom to home offices, kitchen pantries, and garages. They have 60 employees, including a full-service design team that will measure your space and offer a myriad of custom options, and 10 installation vans that allow them to service all of DFW better and faster than anyone in the industry.

And the best part is that their vast collection of floor-based organizing options such as shelves, drawers, cabinets, dividers, lighting, desks, custom finishings, and more look like they were an original part of your home once installed.

“When we go meet with someone, they already have a need. And, obviously, closets are the lion’s share of what we do,” Jay said. “What most people have is a builder-grade closet with a single rod and a shelf above it. It’s useable, but over time, everything starts piling up because you don’t have shelves or drawers. Before you know it, your closet is a disaster. We will come in and redesign that space to optimize storage capacity and help people get organized.”

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photo courtesy of Lisa Parelli

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