Considering a Chemical Peel? Read this First!

Intentionally harming already damaged skin might seem illogical, but that’s exactly what a chemical peel does. The intent is to inflict just enough harm to trigger the body’s regenerative healing process. As damaged epidermal cells slough off, healthier, smoother skin takes their place. Which Skin Conditions Can a Chemical Peel Treat? Chemical peels are most …

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Health officials continue to monitor the outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19, but “the risk for all Texans remains low,” says the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). While this is good news for us at this time, there is no way to predict at this time exactly how far this virus will spread and within …

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The Flu Yes Again!

Reminders and Updates Surprise! The latest news is that the flu vaccine is a “mismatch” for some of the most common strains of the flu. A universal vaccine is in the works, but until then, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms and provide supportive care quickly. Symptoms of the flu in kids …

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Tax Time is Coming

We’re barely through the first month of 2020, so let’s talk about taxes, shall we? You’re probably saying to yourself that it’s way too soon to talk about that, and, in many ways, you’re right – tax day isn’t until April 15, and even then, you can always file an extension. But waiting until the …

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Sibling Check-Ups

Pediatricians face a unique challenge that, generally speaking, adult providers do not typically encounter. Most medical practices struggle with how to schedule patients throughout the workday while still maintaining good medical care with minimal patient wait time. Pediatric offices also struggle with balancing multiple siblings at their well-child check-ups scheduled within the same visit. The …

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Fall In Texas

The cooler air is here, rains been falling & the days are shorter. Fall in Texas is probably one of my favorite times of the year, it’s also a great time to make some improvements around your property. FIRE FEATURESFireplaces, pots & troughs are all great ways to add a feature to your space. Fire …

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