Better Health and Well-Being Right Here in Argyle

  • BY Steve Gamel
  • March 20, 2020
By Steve Gamel

Jerry and Karen Munoz would gladly rattle off numerous feel-good testimonials from clients who rely on all-natural hemp products to help them with a variety of health conditions. But one always seems to stand out.

“We had one gentleman in his 70s who suffered from chronic migraines,” Jerry said. “He tried CBD and went from having a migraine every day in June, started taking CBD in July, since then had only experienced one headache and that was in December. It was truly gratifying to see him find relief. To hear all the testimonies is amazing. It’s about helping people.”

That’s what CBD American Shaman is about, bringing wellness to the world.

And for Argyle residents, there’s no need to drive far from home to find relief. Jerry and Karen opened their CBD American Shaman™ franchise on January 10 in the Shops of Argyle. They offer a bevy of products containing high amounts of cannabidiol that can be purchased in water-soluble drinking form or as capsules, creams, tinctures, etc. to help with everything from anxiety and inflammation to arthritis, stress, and sleep issues.

The best part is that their products are third-party lab tested and based on nanotechnology, which allows our cells to naturally absorb CBD faster with longer-lasting results.

“For the most part, 80% of the people who come to see us have used the product and know its benefits; they’re just excited to have a store close to home now,” Karen said. “The other 20% aren’t familiar with it, and that’s where we step in. We enjoy taking them through and educating them as much as possible.”

Jerry and Karen said the response to their new store has been amazing, likely because it is also being run by someone who has been in their clients’ shoes.

“My head is clearer, and I just feel better. I’m 61, and when I go to the doctor, I don’t have high blood pressure, and the tests on my kidneys and liver are always perfect,” Jerry said. “I honestly believe this product does work and will help people. That’s always been our mission, and we’re excited to bring something like this to Argyle.”

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