Anti-Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Matt Artho of country lakes dental

by Dr. Matt Artho
owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

I usually enjoy starting my articles with a little humor, my favorite being “fountain of youth” jokes, since they never get old.  However, aging is something few easily chuckle over.  We all face that crusade to maintain our youth, whether through simple diet and exercise to more cosmetic or medical means. As we embark on being more cosmetically conscience, modern dentistry, too, is evolving beyond the proverbial wooden teeth of George Washington toward an art of rejuvenation.

How exactly can dentistry help to restore your youth? The answer is chiefly through facial esthetics. In the past, the focus on the teeth may have led to straighter, whiter teeth, but it did not necessarily incorporate a smile design that would benefit facial esthetics. With modern technology, we can utilize the measurements of facial proportion to not only create smiles that fit your face, but can help create better lip and tissue support to create a fuller face and reduce wrinkles, as well as produce a more youthful positioning and design of your smile.

In conjunction with smile design, the use of orthodontics and implant procedures can help restore areas where poor bone support create and aged appearance. In some instances, dentists are able to use Botox® or other non-surgical procedures within their scope to assist with facial esthetics to improve your overall smile.

Of course, along with well-shaped and straight teeth, a youthful smile may be as simple as incorporating a whitening routine. A healthy, beautiful smile well-planned and cared for can easily impart a more youthful look.

Of course, beyond outer appearances, the best way to achieve that youthful essence is to always stay young at heart.  Happy smiling!

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