Twenty Questions with Argyle Football Coach Todd Rogers

Twenty Questions with Argyle Football Coach Todd Rogers

by Steve Gamel

In his 15 years as Argyle’s football coach, Todd Rodgers has transformed the Eagles into one of the top teams in its classification, including a state title win in 2013 – one of four trips to the state title game since 2011. But what really makes this coach tick?

In a recent interview with Argyle Living Magazine, coach Rodgers was gracious enough to play an old-fashioned game of 20 Questions, where he dished on everything from his love of the sport of football to what tasty treat he likes to eat before bed every night.

Argyle Living: If you could not coach football, what sport would you coach and why?
Todd Rogers: I’ve never been a cross country coach, but my daughter has been running the last two years and I’ve developed an appreciation for the level of fortitude and mental toughness that cross country runners have. So I’d have to say that.

Argyle Living: If you couldn’t coach at all, what would you do for a living?
Todd Rodgers: Well, my aptitude test in high school showed I wanted to be outside and work for the Forestry, which I thought was comical. I’d do something outside where I could move around. I can’t see myself sitting in a cubical. That wouldn’t be good for my personality.

Argyle Living: What is your favorite movie of all time?
Todd Rodgers: Big Jake

Argyle Living: What is the worst football rule in high school?
Todd Rodgers: Ejections for targeting. It’s too subjective. In the pros and college you have instant replay, but in high school you don’t and I think kids are out there just trying to play.

Argyle Living: Who is the funniest coach at Argyle High School?
Todd Rodgers: Matt Jordan (Strength and Conditioning Coach). He’s just funny. He has a quick reference to movies, songs, and situations he’s been in.

Argyle Living: What is your favorite food?
Todd Rodgers: Steak fajitas

Argyle Living: What was the worst coaching decision you’ve ever made?
Todd Rodgers: I kicked off to start both halves against Anna in my first year. We still won big.

Argyle Living: What type of student were you in high school?
Todd Rodgers: A student. I graduated 12th in my class.

Argyle Living: How many years of coaching do you think you have left in you?
Todd Rodgers: 5 or 10. I’ll reevaluate after five.

Argyle Living: Favorite color?
Todd Rodgers: Red

Argyle Living: Argyle has a lot of rivals.
Which one do you take the most pleasure in beating?
Todd Rodgers: Gilmer

Argyle Living: What do you do for fun during a bye week?
Todd Rodgers: This year I watched College GameDay from beginning to end. I’d never done that.

Argyle Living: What’s one thing nobody knows about you?
Todd Rodgers: I don’t know. I’m a boring person. I guess I’d say I eat a handful of chocolate chips from the freezer every night.

Argyle Living: Captain America or Iron Man?
Todd Rodgers: Iron Man

Argyle Living: Batman or Superman?
Todd Rodgers: Superman

Argyle Living: If you were stuck in an elevator with one person, who would you want
that to be?
Todd Rodgers: I’ve actually been stuck in an elevator with President George W. Bush a couple of times when he was the governor of Texas. I was living in Austin at the time. He’s a real neat guy.

Argyle Living: What are your hobbies?
Todd Rodgers: I love golf and shooting my firearms.

Argyle Living: Have you been overseas before and where?
Todd Rodgers: Yes, I’ve been to Israel.

Argyle Living: What’s the last movie you saw in a movie theater?
Todd Rodgers: Hidden Figures.

Argyle Living: What is the one chore around the house that you hate the most?
Todd Rodgers: Laundry. I’d rather do the dishes than fold laundry.

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