This is Not Her First Rodeo

This is Not Her First Rodeo

by Susan Neuhalfen

To see Paige Fritz, you’d think she was high-strung, high maintenance and high society. The truth is, she’s laid back, country and one tough, smart and knowledgeable lady.

“I am blunt,” laughs Paige. “The people in the office tell me I have a dry sense of humor. You’re pretty hard pressed to offend me.”

Paige is a real estate agent with Newland Real Estate. Though she loves selling residential real estate, her expertise is in farm and acreage properties.

“I grew up on a horse farm. My grandfather had horses, my father had horses and I married a horse trainer,” said Paige. “I spent most of my life in an arena.”

In fact, Paige’s husband, J.B., used to ride horses for her grandfather though she didn’t know him then. Despite being around horses and rodeos her whole life, she herself didn’t ride until recently.

“My mother didn’t want us to ride, she wanted us to be clean and well educated,” said Paige. “I’ve been in the dirt ever since.”

As a matter of fact, Paige taught herself to ride so that she could help her husband, but that’s just like her. She grew up “kind of hard” as she says, very independent and bold, which is one of the many traits that has made her such a great realtor. If her clients need anything, she’s available. She takes care of every detail any time of the day or night.

“I don’t want my clients to think that I’m not on it. I get everything done,” said Paige. “My clients know they can text, call or contact me ANYTIME.”

So with her rodeo background, just how in the world did she end up in real estate?

“People would come to the house to see our horses and they’d talk to us about moving to the area. They were always asking for a realtor referral,” said Paige. “The truth is, I knew the area better than anyone and I certainly know the ends and outs of owning a farm, so I thought why shouldn’t I be the one helping these people?”

She knows all the questions to ask, and all of the information to gather from her clients looking to make a big move to North Texas. She needs to know information like what do they plan to do with the property — run an operation or a breeding facility? Do they need an arena or just a barn? How many acres they need can depend on how many head of cattle, what kind of cattle and are any of them pregnant? These are questions that you’re typical realtor isn’t going to ask.

“When my husband and I bought our first farm we didn’t have a clue what we’d signed,” said Paige. “Now I know all of the rules, the paperwork, the ins and outs of the business. It’s complicated, but it helps to have all of the experience that I do.”

It also helps that she works with a brokerage that specializes in acreage. They all help each other and they all succeed together.

“I absolutely love working at Newland Real Estate,” she smiles. “Everyone here is great.”

Funny enough, though, the thing she’s enjoyed the most about her profession is showing residential homes.

“I think you always want what you don’t have,” said Paige. “I’ve never lived in a subdivision before and I just love seeing all the new houses going up and all of the great new features.”

When she’s not showing houses, she and her husband and two children can usually be found in the arena, showing their horses, visiting with the other members of their “rodeo family” and loving life in North Texas.

Chloe is six and Jasper is five. Chloe is the big sister and very responsible though somewhat bold in her own right. Jasper, like his mother, knows no fear and there appears to be no end in sight to what he and his sister will try to conquer next. One thing is for sure, J.B. and Paige aren’t pushing the kids to ride.

“We’ll let them decide,” said Paige. “When I was their age I didn’t know I’d be selling real estate, but I love my day from start to finish. That’s all I can hope for them.”

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