The Benefits of Invisalign for Back to School

The Benefits of Invisalign for Back to School

Dr. Matt Artho

Dr. Matt Artho
Practicing dentist and owner of
Country Lakes Family Dental

The school year has arrived, and with it all the joys of backpacks, lunch bags, homework, afterschool activities, PTA meetings, class party preparations, early wakeups, and I should probably stop now. Trust me, I know how busy the school year can get, but when you are able to find a way to take off some of the heat, make sure to jump
on it. One bit of dental advice I have tomake life a little easier for teens and pre-teens is considering Invisalign for orthodontic treatment.

Though Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment typically used by adults, teens and pre-teens can greatly benefit from the treatment when indicated. Invisalign® is a series of trays worn throughout the day that orthodontically move teeth as they are changed out usually on a weekly basis. The process typically begins with an evaluation to consider if Invisalign® is the right treatment. Following a series of x-rays, impressions are taken. In our office, we prefer to use digital impressions for comfort and accuracy. The case is digitally designed by orienting the teeth as desired, and the final design can be viewed before beginning treatment.

So, how is this advantageous for our students? First, the trays can be removed. This is helpful if your child plays a wind instrument, like mine, and wants to avoid braces from hindering performance. Band or orchestra students can even take them out during play. Second, for athletes, Invisalign® helps avoid oral trauma that occurs from forceful contact while wearing braces. Also, for students who are self-conscious, the trays are virtually invisible. Finally, appointment times are much quicker and treatment time is usually faster than traditional orthodontics, in addition to not having to worry about brackets popping off. This will help limit the amount of time your child misses school or school functions.

Compliance is very important when considering Invisalign®. Though it is easier for them to clean their teeth compared to conventional braces, if they do not wear the trays as instructed, then the treatment will not work.

I have seen many great results with Invisalign for teens and pre-teens. Ask your dentist if your child is a candidate. Enjoy the school year, and happy smiling!





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