Suit Guy: Know your colors

Suit Guy: Know your colors

by Jonny Willingham

When it comes to looking your best, there are a few things every man needs to know. A close shave, a trendy haircut and stylish shoes can really finish a look in ways that an outfit cannot.

But that doesn’t mean men should let down his garment guard. What a guy wears says a lot about him, from their self confidence to their level of professionalism, it’s important for men to have a keen eye when it comes to clothing.

Shopping doesn’t have to be complicated. A few simple guidelines and rules of thumb can help every man make a few quick selections off the rack or at the tailor.

For example, these are the five suits every guy needs in their closet:

Navy: This is the most classic suits fabric around. A well-fitted navy suit will get you compliments every time you wear it. And, it looks great with any
skin tone.

Charcoal: Opt for charcoal over black for everyday wear. It can still be worn to some formal events, but is much more versatile for work and nights out. And, it’s a much more approachable color.

Light Color: After you’ve got the basic navy and charcoal in the closet, opt for a light gray, or enlightened blue. You could also opt for something on the brown spectrum if that fits your skin
tone better.

Patterned: A glen plaid or window pane suit is great to mix in with your work suit to break out with a little flare and flash. It’s classic enough for the office, but it will definitely get you a few more looks and comments. Why not keep things interesting?

Black: Save this for formal events and funerals. The black suit/tuxedo is tough to beat when worn at the proper time, but Monday at the office isn’t a formal event. Leave it in the closet until the moment is right, then look like a million bucks.

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