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Striving 2 Share

Striving 2 Share

At S2S (Striving 2 Share), our interdisciplinary team of licensed physical therapists, certified personal trainers, certified pilates instructors, and certified performance enhancement specialists are striving to share with you the most current evidence in maintaining a healthy, energetic, injury free lifestyle!  From preventative to restorative, we’ve got you covered!”

Can A Stiff Neck Cause A Headache?

Headaches come in many shapes and sizes. Have you ever experienced a headache that was one-sided and seemed worse when you changed the position of your neck? Additionally, did the headache seem aggravated when touching and putting pressure on the part of your spine closest to your hairline- the most upper parts of your cervical spine?  Have you had at least one headache a week for over two months?

This type of headache can be the result of stiffness in your cervical spine!  Research shows a 50 -100% healing success rate when these headaches are treated by a licensed physical therapist.  A combination of exercise and manual therapy prove the best results. Manual therapy consists of skilled joint movements provided by the therapist that decrease pain and assist in improved mobility of the neck and upper back.  Low load exercises designed to create a balance and synergy of your neck and shoulder girdle (muscles of your scapula and shoulder complex) have been proven to assist in the treatment of such disorders.   The exercises prescribed are very specific to target the deep muscles of the front of your neck. These are known as the longus coli and longus capitis muscles.  Skilled PT’s will provide one on one instruction to the technique and frequency with which to perform the movements.

Benefits of physical therapy for neck pain with associated headaches includes decreased duration and intensity of pain as well as reduced medicine intake.   In the study Trial of Management for Cervicogenic Headache (Jull et al), patients experienced relief for greater than 12 months.  Whether you have had your headache for 1 month or 5 years, results show PT is still beneficial!  Additionally, the study suggests that even those with moderate to severe pain levels will benefit.   As always, we encourage independence, and most patients will receive these benefits in as little as 6 weeks!


To avoid this PAIN IN THE NECK altogether, try to avoid prolonged postures. For example, AVOID staring at your phone for greater than 15 minutes at a time and avoid all-day use. Additionally, while wrapping presents, take frequent breaks!  Don’t try to wrap for hours on end! Keep moving!! Movement provides lubrication and prevents a lot of stress to your joints.

Perform simple active range of motion exercises and isometric neck exercises often to maintain good neck health!

“Train to Live Healthy, Energetic, and Injury Free.”

– Meredith S. Tittle PT, DPT, OCS

S2S Functional Performance

Whether you are concerned about the chance of an injury or have already obtained one, our highly qualified staff is here to help. 

OUR WELLNESS PROGRAMS: our Certified Performance Enhancement Specialists and Stott Pilates Instructors will design a unique plan for YOU to help YOU REACH BEYOND ALL OF YOUR

PHYSICAL THERAPY AT S2S: Physcial therapy performed by a skilled, knowledgable therapist will get you safely back to your sport or life activity! Our doctors of Physical Therapy hold board certifications, making them specialists in their field.

Call us or visit our website for more details!

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