Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose

by Susan Neuhalfen

It’s hard to find one form of exercise that works for everyone, but yoga is just that. It is excellent for the body and mind, and is suitable for all ages and all body types. Best of all, there is no chanting required.

Robyn Arbogast of Pure Synergy is a massage therapist who specializes in actual therapeutic massage. In other words, she’s not about froufrou relaxation massage, she’s all about healing through massage, nutrition and exercise. She is a big proponent of yoga not only for her clients, but for anyone who wants to be healthy.

“I have clients with both emotional issues and physical issues and they all benefit from yoga,” said Robyn. “At Pure Synergy we teach poses, breath control and meditation to build a stronger you. When everything is working in harmony, you feel energized and healthy.”

Robyn has clients who use yoga to help curb their need for anxiety medication. Others with issues such as scoliosis use yoga to help strengthen their core and ease back pain. More recently, she has found that yoga helps those with sensory issues and depression.

Robyn also talked about a modern day sickness she calls “sitting disease”. We go from sitting in a car, to sitting at a desk, to sitting in the car again and then sitting on the couch when we get home.

“We’re all sitting for so many hours,” she points out. “Our digestive system is bunched up and our organs aren’t getting proper blood flow.”

By simply exercising through stances and stretches, the following parts of the body may benefit:

  1. Open up the chest so that the respiratory system works better
  2. Stretch the stomach area allowing intestines to move for better digestion
  3. Stretching all over to improve blood circulation so that organs work better
  4. As one holds poses, the heart rate is going to go up, building cardio

The great thing about yoga is that it’s as hard or easy as you make it, so anyone can do it.

“I hear people say ‘I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible’, said Robyn. “The truth is you do yoga to become flexible.”

Yoga is also very beneficial to the immune system. Because most of our immunity is based on hormones, whenever we can regulate them more naturally, we remain healthier. Also our immunity is many times related to stress, and yoga is great for stress relief.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into yoga stressed and came out feeling like all is well,” said Robyn.

There is yoga specific to sports such as golfers, runners and tennis players. Golf yoga entails opening up the shoulders, hamstrings and working on rotation for a stronger game. So it begs the question why more men aren’t involved with yoga.

“Yoga was created by men,” said Robyn whose male yoga population is slowly increasing at Pure Synergy.“

A common misperception is that we all sit around and chant, but here it’s just about getting healthy.”

At Pure Synergy they offer group classes as well as individual yoga to help clients focus on the correct postures and poses.

“Just like with anything you have to figure out what works for you,” said Robyn. “The good news is that yoga is great exercise for anyone and you can tailor it to fit you.”

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