Planning Your Dental Care for the Holidays

by Emily Mitchell | November 17, 2017 11:14 pm


Dr. Matt Artho

by Dr. Matt who is a practicing dentist and owner of Country Lakes Family Dental

The holidays are approaching and it’s important to take advantage of the dental benefits that are offered, especially at the end of the year when these benefits come to an end. Here are some things to know when trying to make the best of your dental plan.

It is important to always take advantage of the preventative care that is provided, starting by making sure you received the correct number of cleanings offered for the year. Other types of preventative care also include radiographs for diagnostic purposes, or sealants that are often covered for children. If dental treatment is needed and your maximum allowed coverage has not been met, make sure not to let those benefits slip away. If your dental treatment exceeds the amount covered, you can strategically use what remains for this year, and complete it after the new year when it renews.

If your insurance benefits are changing for the new year, check to see if your orthodontic coverage is changing as well. Orthodontic coverage can go towards traditional orthodontics or treatments like Invisalign®. You can also use any unused flex spending towards treatment that not only includes orthodontics, but also certain dental procedures or products like whitening or electric toothbrushes.

It is to your benefit to utilize as much of your dental coverage as possible. Your dental office should be able to help you understand your dental plan. Of course, as the holidays get busy, so does your dentist, so make sure to get scheduled right away.

Happy holidays and happy smiling.

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