Paving The Way For Dentistry

Paving The Way For Dentistry

As our Argyle youth continue to enjoy the final days of summer, the beginning of the new school year fast approaches, and parents and educators prime themselves in preparation to educate the next generation. In the same way, Dr. Matthew Artho, owner and dentist of Country Lakes Family Dental, has made his mark in the community as the dental educator of the next generation of dental health. Having practiced in Bartonville for over 5 years, Dr. Matt, as he is known by his patients, is well-known as the community family dental provider, and his unique emphasis on true family dental care has allowed the practice to maintain its title as the Best of Denton County Family Dental Practice for five years in a row.

Dr. Matt has a specific devotion to educating his patients and creating a new perception of the dental experience. “Dentistry is entering a new frontier that is significantly different from the reputation patients are used to.” He goes on to state that advances in dental knowledge, materials, and technology have created a dental atmosphere that is more comfortable and accepting than dental experiences of the past. “We are beginning to see a transition from the older generations of patients who dread visiting the dentist, to younger patients who express looking forward to their dental appointments,” elaborates Dr. Matt.

What contributes to this change? According to Dr. Matt, it is a change in the mentality of approaching dental health in a preventative manner. “Instead of seeking dental care when there is a problem, patients are keeping up with routine dental appointments, preventing dental disease before it occurs, and reducing the necessity of certain dental treatments. People are beginning to understand that their oral health is something to be treated in the same way you maintain anything that is valuable. The sooner this is understood, the sooner the routine becomes habit, which immediately improves overall dental care.”

He also goes on to explain that certain dental professionals are beginning to look to delay or lessen certain dental treatment, especially for children, until they are able to accept the care. “Advances in certain materials allow us to delay, or even arrest, certain dental decay in very young children until they are old enough to tolerate the appointment,” says Dr. Matt, “which allows us to avoid risks involved with sedation or excessive treatment.” He goes on to add, “Our understanding of how teeth respond to treatment and the expected life expectancy of the treatment has directed dentists to provide dental care that
is more predictable and less invasive.”

Dr. Matt also goes on to express his passion for technological advances. “Dentistry continues to keep up with the digital age. Technology gives us the ability to plan treatment digitally prior to the actual appointment – making it much more predictable.” He boasts procedures such as digitally planned dental implants, digitally planned orthodontics, and same-day crown procedures as examples he offers in his office. “Our advances in knowledge and practice of complex treatments make it possible to virtually replace teeth in a single day.” He also explains that technological advances allow for better detection and diagnosis of dental disease. “The improved accessibility of 3D radiographs and speed of exposure of digital radiographs give us the opportunity to detect dental pathology more readily and treat it more quickly and effectively,” says Dr. Matt.

Finally, as any patient of Country Lakes Family Dental knows, a caring and friendly approach goes a long way in creating a comfortable dental experience. “It used to be that patients were simply expected to endure their dental treatment,” states Dr. Matt, “but a genuine caring by our team for both our children and adult patients makes the biggest difference.”

With great enthusiasm, Dr. Matt is excited about the future generations of dental patients. “It is exciting to hear parents joke about how eager their children are to visit the dentist.” He jokes that there will be a day when no one will understand the old television skits showing uncomfortable dental visits. “Someday, children will ask their parents, ‘Why would you not want to go to the dentist?’” hopes Dr. Matt. Through the service of Dr. Matt and his team, this hope may soon become a reality.


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