Move forward: Ideas to shake off the stress

Move forward: Ideas to shake off the stress

As I talk with people, I notice two common things that can keep us stuck mentally, physically and spiritually: regret over the past and fear of the future. When we spend too much energy disappointed about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow, we miss living today.

Regret over the past

First, stop looking behind you. We don’t have eyes in the back of our heads for a reason. We’ve all made mistakes. Life is more about where we’re going than it is about where we’ve been. Our past negative choices and experiences can become valuable if we let them. Make an agreement with yourself that, from this point forward, you will choose to use what you have learned to grow personally and to help someone else. Forgiving yourself and others is often necessary to clear the negativity of the past from your heart and mind. Don’t allow your past to define you. Simply live today wiser, stronger and healthier because of what you now understand.

Worry about the future

Next, quit straining to look too far ahead in the distance. Making some plans is necessary and beneficial, but when the focus is too much on what may or may not happen, it becomes counterproductive. Why should we borrow trouble from tomorrow when today needs our best investment? Much of what we worry about never happens, and many problems we feel anxious about are beyond our control. Worry has zero power to change the future, but the choices made today definitely will. Simply
take action now.

Do your best today

Instead, look directly at the steps you want to take today. This is the day that needs your attention. This moment is the one you can maximize to the fullest. Laugh, work, play, sing, help, try, speak, dream, give, breathe, think, exercise, believe – each moment has unique potential. Regardless of what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future, we have the power to make now as wonderful as it can be. Choosing a positive path and moving forward one step at a time is a gift we can give ourselves each day. Our minds, bodies and spirits will thank us.

~by Stacy L. Allen, CACP

Stacy Allen is a Certified Coaching Practitioner who helps people find their value and reach their personal, relationship or professional goals. Ask Stacy your questions at or for more info about her services call 972.965.6487.

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