Liberty Christian’s Mandarin Club Celebrates Chinese New Year

Liberty Christian’s Mandarin Club Celebrates Chinese New Year

Mandarin Club celebrated the Chinese New Year on Feb. 9, as nearly 30 members met for a luncheon featuring Chinese delicacies, including fried rice prepared by Mandarin I and II students.

 At the luncheon, students learned about the culture and traditions of Chinese New Year, led by student Sean Liu, Mandarin Club president. Sean shared fun facts about the Year of the Monkey and traditional customs related to the holiday. Student Christine Liu also participated in the presentation.

“Students were captivated to hear Christine share about the biblical correlation of the Passover and the spring couplets that are usually decorated around the entrance of a door,” said Doris Trinh, Mandarin teacher and club sponsor.

She added, “It was also a joy for me to share about the Chinese character, 福, meaning blessing and how Jesus has blessed us immensely.

“The most precious gift and blessing of all is that God sent His one and only Son to give us a purpose and meaning in life.

Students were also reminded from the Beatitudes in the Bible those who are poor in spirit and mourn are comforted because they know their sins have been forgiven.

As a part of Chinese tradition, club members learned to sing a popular song about welcoming the New Year. Members spoke in Chinese about the New Year and received red envelops filled with various gifts including money, snack coupons, and prom tickets. Students Christine Liu and Michelle Shen prepared Chinese New Year cards for all the club members. Traditionally in China, children receive red envelops (called 红包hong bao) with money from their parents and relatives each new year.

“The club celebration yielded an amazing turnout with not only a great amount of fun but also with some educational gems,” one student said.

Ms. Trinh added, “As a teacher in the foreign language department, I feel so privileged and blessed to see our American and international students captivated and enamored by the interesting, spiritual, and cultural understanding of the Chinese New Year blessings.

Members enjoyed socializing and learning about Chinese culture and hope to gather for more celebrations in the future.

“I am very proud of our students and club officers for their involvement and admirable leadership skills they displayed in planning and serving their peers,” said Ms. Trinh. “I also appreciate our campus pastor, Chris Searcy, surprising us and joining our gathering. Students heard his beautiful prayer to close our eventful Chinese New Year’s celebration.”

Mandarin students extended the celebration in the classroom by making their own Chinese couplets and learning how to write spiritual blessings about God’s love and pondering upon His love for the new year using Chinese calligraphy brushes.

Teacher and MIX International sponsor Dawn Lobbes said, “From food to friends to red envelopes to the great educational and biblical presentations, I loved everything about Liberty’s Chinese New Year celebration.”

Student comments on the celebration:

Mandarin I Class:

Ashley Howard – “My favorite part of the Chinese New year was learning how to cook fried rice. It was also interesting to see the parallels between Chinese New Year celebrations and Passover celebrations.”

Olivia Weaver – “My favorite part of the Chinese New Year celebration was painting the calligraphy art.”

Bryce Lindsey – “My favorite part of the Chinese New Year was setting up the celebration.”

Jeancarlo Gutierrez – “My favorite part of the Chinese New Year was cooking and eating fried rice.”

Isaac Taylor – “My favorite part of the Chinese New Year was making the New Year’s card!”

April Smith – “My favorite part of the Chinese New Year celebration was learning how to cook fried rice. Now I can make some for my family!”

Mandarin II Pre-AP Class:

Braedon Gunn – “My favorite part about this week was calligraphy! Learning about the Chinese culture was so interesting! I loved comparing the traditions in China from the ones here in America! Also preparing the food was a blast! This week has been so fun!”  

Rugby Scruggs – “My favorite part about this week was being a master egg chef.”

Cole Collins – “I really enjoyed getting a chance to try out Chinese calligraphy in class. It was very interesting to get a glimpse at the art form and gaining a new appreciation for the Chinese culture. Chinese New Year is so fun!”

John Choi – “Celebrating together and eating good food were my favorite parts! Learning and understanding the meaning behind Chinese New Year was so fun!”

Lizzy Shuey – “Cooking food with friends was my favorite part! It was so fun to learn the meaning behind the Chinese New Year!”

Mandarin III Pre-AP Class:

Tyler Barnes – My favorite thing was cooking potstickers (dumplings) and fried rice and enjoying the company of each other.”

Tyler Dondrea – “My favorite thing we did this week for Chinese New Year was learning a song and making the potstickers.”

Alex Slack – “My favorite thing was eating the food.”

Kevin Wissick – “My favorite thing was eating the amazing rice and dumplings.”

Gracie Meek – “I liked writing the Chinese characters with the fancy brush and ink because I have never done that before.”

Katelyne Halovanic – “My favorite thing was getting to enjoy Chinese culture and learn about the holiday.”

Lisa Kim – “My favorite thing we did was getting the red envelope (hong bao) and eating the delicious food. I also enjoyed learning how the culture of Chinese New Year festival connected to the Bible. It was interesting!”

Natalie Grigg – “I loved writing in Chinese characters with the ink while Chinese music was playing. And of course, the fried rice was amazing!”

Michael Becker – “A week filled with Mandarin food and no homework in Mandarin class is as good a week as any! My favorite thing was definitely getting to write the Chinese characters. It reminded me of the time I spent in China with Liberty last summer!”

Vivian Nichols is communication specialist for Liberty Christian School.

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