Learning How to Pray

Learning How to Pray

by Susan Neuhalfen

As you drive down Hilltop toward Guyer High School, there is a new building with a sign that simply says “Prayer City”.

That’s exactly what it is.

“Prayer, to me, is my highest calling,” said Pastor Williams Areloegbe, a native Nigerian who preaches worldwide. “You can walk in and pray anytime you want, we are always open.”

Pastor Williams and his wife Felicia have lived all over the world, growing and joining churches and missions, on their path to creating Prayer City. Pastor Williams emphasizes that this is not a church, though they have a service on Sunday mornings. He wants to work in conjunction with other churches to focus on the power of prayer.

“We want people from all over the world coming in and, if you want, we will pray with you,” said Pastor Williams. “We want to create a nation of spiritual warriors, teaching them a whole new way to pray that gets results.”

Pastor Williams grew up the son of a Pastor but his life took a rocky turn into the music business when he went to Germany to study medicine. All he had known was the church, and being sheltered he wanted to experience other cultures and life outside the church. He described himself as a wild guy lost without Christ. Through a set of supernatural circumstances, he was saved again three years later. He left the music industry and gave God all that he had.

Pastor Williams discussed how so many people are seeking what they want in psychology, material things, or a gym. He himself was seeking fame and fortune in the music industry. None of these things gets to the root of the problem. Prayer does.

“How to take control of your life is not about religion, it’s the Word of God in prayer,” said Pastor Williams. “I learned to pray with confidence and I see results.”

Prayer City has a service on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. that is open to all. The first Saturday of every month there is a service that focuses on prayer. Starting in August, Prayer City will also have a 3pm Sunday prayer deliverance service, which consists of a worship service, prayer, and one-on-one prayer time where visitors may come and go throughout the service. Pastor Williams also says that anytime groups want to come and pray, they are welcome.

“If you ask me what is my greatest strength, it is hearing the voice of the word,” said Pastor Williams. “God requires complete trust and confidence in Him.”

Pastor Williams talked about the divisions we are experiencing across the globe and believes that the Bible is the surest thing in the whole universe. The Word is what connects us, and building a center where everyone can pray together is the vision for Prayer City.

“There is so much that divides us in this nation,” said Pastor Williams. “Prayer is what unites us.”

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