It’s Time to Man Up

It’s Time to Man Up

Men have always been told to “man up” and “soldier up”, when, in reality, they need to take care of themselves first. When you don’t feel well, physically or mentally, you aren’t doing your best. Your job suffers, your family suffers and you suffer.

Hormones are not just an issue for women. Believe it or not, men have the same 50 plus hormones that women do and they have many of the same issues.

It happens over time with everyone. With age comes normal hormonal changes and oftentimes abnormal hormonal changes, both of which can be aggravated by complacency and some not-so-healthy choices. Changes in muscle to fat ratio, fatigue, low libido, mood swings, and insomnia are just some the symptoms men see after their 20’s and 30s, and even those making healthy choices may experience these symptoms. 

Diet and exercise are important, but often there’s more to it.

Dr. Bradley Axline has helped many men to regain balance in their mental and physical well being, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle.

“I have one client who is a competitive bodybuilder,” said Dr. Axline. “He’s spent his life eating right and exercising, and now, in his early 50s, found he wasn’t seeing the results from his workouts that he used to. Blood tests revealed hormones that were suboptimal.”

Sometimes the issue is low testosterone. Testosterone levels go down for men starting in their 30s, 1% per year. However, it could just as easily be a hormone imbalance caused by years of unhealthy eating and little exercise. It could be a thyroid issue causing the extra belly fat.

“The simple fact is the body changes with time,” said Dr. Axline. “It’s best to know exactly where the problems lie before trying to treat them.”

Men, it’s time to take care of yourselves for a change. If you feel like your time at the gym is not producing the results you expect, or you suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned, you owe it to yourselves and your families to look at additional options.

If you’re ready to feel well again and look your best, call Dr. Axline and ask for the Men’s Wellness Package. He’ll do a consultation and full lab work with a recommended treatment plan that is tailored to your needs.

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