Into vs. In To…What’s the Difference?

Into vs. In To…What’s the Difference?

by Steve Gamel
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Let’s explore the difference between into and in to in this week’s Edit This® grammar lesson. After all, knowing which one to use in a sentence can be a sticking point for many people – even the most veteran of writers. 

Into vs in to – What’s the difference?

Into is used to show movement or action toward or inside something. It usually comes before a noun or a noun phrase.

• I am getting into my car.

• Leslie jumped into the pool.

• The police are looking into it.

In to (two words) sound the same as into when you say them out loud, but they’re really just two words that perform several different roles in a sentence. And yes, sometimes they follow one another and create a ton of confusion. 

• The employee turned the shoplifter in to the police.

• My boss sat in to hear about my review.

• I just dropped in to say hello.

 Clear as mud?

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