Freedom…Let it Ring

Freedom…Let it Ring

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.00.21 PMby Kathryn Flores
Community Relations and Advertising Consultant
Argyle Living & Lantana Living

I’m a big fan of freedom, of wide-open spaces, of not being confined and imprisoned and stuck. In this time of the looming national election and the remembrance of Veteran’s Day, “freedom” seems to ring a mass exodus from the mouths of everyone. It is undeniably at the top of my mind and a thunderous pounding in my heart!

I have been beyond blessed to be encircled by wise leaders who have served our country and continue to work tirelessly to help us remember our freedoms and honor the courageous for their commitments. This is a time to reflect not only on the freedoms we have been given by so many sacrifices by our military in this amazing country, but the freedoms to which we have within. The freedom which we give ourselves, the freedom to separate ourselves from the society and the demands of the environment around us, the freedom to embrace the rebel within us, the freedom to think, feel and experience our own thoughts. It’s amazing to consider the everyday aspects of our life and the everyday shackles we impose on ourselves because we think that society might not approve.

When intentionally focused, we have the control to possess our own internal freedoms from everything that imprisons us because freedom is its own reward. We can be the freest, most unstuck, unrestricted, liberated people breathing air. The prisons, they are many: toxic relationships, abuse, soul-crushing jobs, addictions, sorrow, impossible expectations, deferred dreams, the lie of scarcity, fear, regret. These are hurdles, not prisons. The willingness to make mistakes is probably the single most freeing decision we can make. When you allow yourself to be imperfect, you free yourself from all constraints of seeking faultlessness and you open yourself up to all kinds of opportunities and possibilities. We often remind our young boys, that errors in a game, a missed ‘at bat’, an interception, a poor choice or a sharp tongue are not massive failures. These experiences are a repetition in life that allow us an opportunity to improve and we simply MUST award ourselves with the ‘freedom’ to learn and move on. All that said, this is by no means a hall pass for laziness! Quite frankly, someone that possess an idled behavior on a regular basis is probably not on my Christmas card list … I find the presence of those type of people pretty intolerable.

What if, instead of focusing on always doing it right, you just jumped in knowing that there is no failure, only feedback. I recently stumbled into this extremely freeing ‘movement’ in parallel to parenting.

We hold ourselves up to this impossible Pinterest-world of perfect teacher gifts, homemade Valentines, birthday cakes that could win national awards and enough volunteer hours logged at the schools that need a notebook of their own, all while displaying a face wallpapered by thousand-dollar wrinkle creams and injections and rockin’ impeccable trend-setting gel nail polish! It’s a prison so many of us live here in what I call “the bubble”. The absolute award here goes to freedom as mothers and parents, to give ourselves a break and allow flaws both internal and external … imagine what a liberating feeling! Let’s let go of worrying about whose kid has the most intricate homemade Valentine box or who volunteers the most at the schools! Too many of us aim for this unattainable, relentless, exhausting, magical “rainbows and unicorns” world. For me, the time has come to give myself a break. This is how we experience a life of real freedom which results in a kind of surrender that allows us to step into our lives ready to receive, completely able to manifest and willing to embrace everything with an open heart. It’s from this place that real magic happens.

So set yourself free of the nonsense. There is so much life out there, so much to see, so much to experience, so much to enjoy. The gate is open because evidently freedom is how to do this thing, this life.

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