Don’t Forget Your Wintertime Maintenance

Don’t Forget Your Wintertime Maintenance

by PJ Kratohvil
of Complete Solutions

This time of year always seems like it’s one of the busiest as we move through the holiday season and towards the end of the year. Remodels that need to get wrapped up before guests arrive, long lists of Christmas lighting to install, patio builds to get finished, customer staging, shopping to wrap up and a laundry list of office items are just a few of the things that we need to get taken care of before 2017 arrives.

As you’re preparing for Christmas and your own end-of-year deadlines, don’t forget to get outside and take care of some wintertime maintenance. As the trees are losing leaves it’s an ideal time to get them limbed up and thinned out. Along with helping to strengthen the tree, trimming will allow more sunlight to your shady turf areas, thickening them up come spring, slowing the soil erosion and keeping your lawn looking healthier. Out in the Lantana and Argyle areas we’ve noticed what seems to be an increase in mice and squirrels this year so getting those limbs back off the house could also eliminate one of their routes back inside.

As the last lawn cuttings (scalpings) of the year should be happening here in the next week or so if not already, take advantage of the ground exposure and look for areas where water is either eroding or pooling up. Winter is a great time to get drainage work done now that the grass is so short and everyone can see exactly how the ground lays out. French drains along with downspout/gutter drains are a great way to help dry out around your property. Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds, foundation issues and muddy backyards should all be high on our homeowner to-do-lists ensuring year ‘round use of our outdoor spaces.

We hope everyone has a great Christmas season and doesn’t get too overwhelmed by one thing or another. Enjoy the time with your family and friends and invest your time in what really matters.

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