Do You Believe in Angels?

Do You Believe in Angels?

by Susan Neuhalfen

For some reason during the holidays our emotions run high. Our belief in miracles, and mankind increases and just hearing Clarence get his wings on It’s a Wonderful Life brings us to tears. But are there such things as angels? Many local first responders believe that there are as they see someone die nearly every day. Their stories are of angels both here on earth and in the stories of their patients.

You And My Mother Saved My Life
One first responder got a call about a woman trapped under her car. He and his EMT were the first on the scene. She had been trying to change the tire when the jack slipped off and the car had fallen on her. The hub of the car was actually sitting on her chest. In other words, there was no tire; the entire weight of the car was on her. He said she was not breathing and it didn’t appear she had been for a while. The dispatcher had even described her as “possibly deceased” when he received the call.

They went to work digging up dirt from underneath the car to get the jack out and bring the weight of the car off her. Just then the fire department showed up and she was immediately transported in the ambulance. After intubating her and performing CPR, they arrived at the hospital and she appeared to want to breathe on her own. They took the tube out and she maintained normal breathing. The first responder filled out his report and left.

The next morning dispatch asked him to go back to the hospital and see the women he’d saved. He’d seen between 15-20 people that day so he wasn’t entirely sure which person he was going to visit. Mind you they had never talked and information is never freely given out to patients about their first responders. As soon as he walked in the room he recognized the lady whose car had fallen on her. She got up out of bed and walked across the room to give him a hug and she was crying. She called him by name.

“How do you know my name?” he asked.

“I just do. If it hadn’t been for you and my mother I wouldn’t be here right now. Thank you.”

The first responder explained that they were so busy he hadn’t met her mother.

“You wouldn’t have, she’s been dead for 10 years. She’s an angel now. She was holding up the car with her wing until you got there.”

Usually after 4-6 minutes of not breathing patients start losing brain activity. The woman never showed signs of brain damage despite the fact that she wasn’t breathing. She’s a happy survivor today with no sign of problems.

Rain Bucket Baby
A first responder got a call about a missing person, more specifically a child, that couldn’t be found. They combed the residence and even looked around the property in a pond. The baby was still crawling so he couldn’t have gotten far, but they still couldn’t find him. Finally something in this first responder told him to look one more time and this time he checked under the porch. The foot of a baby was sticking out of a rain bucket. He pulled the baby out of the rain bucket and he wasn’t breathing. After working on the baby with CPR for several minutes, they called for a helicopter and flew him to Fort Worth and ultimately the baby’s life was saved.

Over 20 years later a young man walked up to the first responder at a service station. He told me he’d been looking for me. He introduced himself as the “rain bucket baby”. He said he’d been looking for me his whole life so that he could thank me.

Things Got Really Peaceful
On another call, a first responder found his patient in cardiac arrest. The patient later described what was happening while CPR was being performed.

“I felt myself die and things got really peaceful,” he told the first responder. “I floated up over everything and watched you. You never stopped. You never gave up on me.”

After a while he told him that the light started to dim and he could feel himself being pulled back in his body. He said that there was a part of him that didn’t want to go back. That peacefulness he’d felt was so soothing. All the same, he woke up thankful. So thankful, in fact, that every year he buys the whole fire house that saved his life dinner on what he calls “the day he died”.

This Time It Was His Turn
One first responder actually took the trip that so many of his patients had described. While riding his motorcycle to the fire station where he worked, he collided with an 18-wheeler. There were no marks on his body because he had actually flown for many feet.

Bear in mind, that he had just gone through a divorce and had full custody of his two children, ages 3 years and 6 months. He remembered lying in the street. He could hear everybody talking over him, referring to him as a fatality, but he couldn’t wake up to tell them that he wasn’t. His hearing started to go—that’s the sense they say is the last to go before death. He was begging God to not let him die. He remembers opening his eyes to see the truck driver and upon seeing the first responder awaken, the truck driver ran off, scared to death. He was sure that the first responder had been dead.

Once they got to the hospital, he woke up on the recovery table to the sound of his mother’s voice begging him not to die. Something stirred inside him and he heard a voice tell him that he had a purpose and he’d better get back to it. From there on, all of his strength went into healing.

The doctor told him that he lived through something that should have killed him and that he should be grateful, but he had a long road ahead of him. He was told that he wouldn’t walk for six months. He wipes away tears as he tells the story.

He was able to walk and was fully recovered in 6 weeks. He is still a firefighter today.

Angels Among Us
These are all local stories. After reading just these three stories it’s impossible not to believe in angels. Not necessarily the heavenly kind, but certainly the angels that we call first responders.

By the way, there was one story about a patient that was clearly being pulled in the other direction by some sort of demon. That will be saved for another article.

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